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by Greg Kagay



Invaluable Transportation

Nothing better exemplifies invaluablism than the bicycle. But, there is no shortage of information about regular bicycles available to any curious inquirer, so I focus here on one super-invaluable bicycle species: the folding bicycle.

Texas Hill Country Cycling Routes

Archived Cycling Routes (with caveats) Circa 2012.

Image of folded Brompton Bicycle
The Brompton Folding Bicycle

The Super-Invaluable Brompton Folding Bicycle

I own a Brompton folding bicycle and ride it often. Although I live in the country, I ride it in the city. So I convey it (in my car) often in order to ride it. When I selected my Brompton, I faced many decisions outfitting it. Ultimately, I ordered a great bike, but there are some things I would do differently. Based on my experience, I present my Brompton Buyer's Guide to help others navigate the Brompton buying landscape. (It might better be titled The Road Cyclist's Brompton Buyer's Guide, but I make an effort to illuminate options that would serve less serious cyclists as well.)