The brass hose nozzle endures where plastic and cheap metal versions fail.

Brass Hose Nozzle

Invaluable Garden Accessory

Time-Tested, Long-Lasting

The simple brass twist-style hose sprayer is simple, useful and enduring. Whereas many other hose sprayers offered today are made of plastic, and in my experience they don't hold up. Hose sprayers operate in a somewhat harsh environment (especially when you include freeze/thaw cycling). Many sprayers tend to clog with debris picked up by the hose if you remove them often to use the hose with other fittings, like sprinklers. And for those with hard water, most sprayers tend to clog with mineral build-up.

The brass hose nozzle satisfies many invaluablist criteria:

  • Features no plastic;
  • Serves a few purposes very well, without attempting or pretending to do more;
  • Requires little or no instruction;
  • Expresses no overt ornamentation or pretense;
  • Designed to endure within its somewhat challenging operating environment.

The Gilmour brass hose nozzle works great for washing the car (and bikes), spraying off the patio, and filling the garden watering can. It falls short when watering plants directly because the spray pattern is either too strong or too broad, but rarely just right. But that is why I use a galvanized watering can for most of my plant watering. Incidentally, being in the habit of using the watering can puts me in a great posture when the time comes to fertilize; I am already in the habit of filling the can, and adding liquid feed is easy. Also, carrying the can is easier than wrestling with dragging the hose all around the house, in my experience. Either approach has its inconveniences.

Related Advice - Replace Your Hose Washers

Keep a supply of hose washers on hand; replacing leaky washers is easy.

There is nothing invaluable about leaky hose fittings. In addition to giving up on fancy hose nozzles and embracing simple robust ones, I have given up on quick-release hose fittings too. The plastic ones do not endure. And the cheaper metal ones corrode due to galvanic action with my brass hose bibs. Finally, the brass versions foul in the presence of my hard water. The trick to foiling leaky hose fittings is keeping a wealthy supply of hose washers on hand, and replacing old ones at the first sign of leaks. These washers wear out, and once they begin to fail no amount of hose tightening will stop the leak.

Admitting defeat against modern conveniences (quick release hose fittings) that ultimately waste your money and increase your frustration is an invaluablist victory; as is realizing a little inconvenient maintenance is often its own reward. Acquire a supply of washers and fix your problematic hoses. Buy this 50 pack and share them with your friends and family. You will be an invaluablist hero.

Invaluable Gifts

A brass hose nozzle or two, along with a handful of hose washers, is a go-to consideration as a supplemental house-warming gift, especially for young persons who have not yet had the opportunity to learn the hard way about the ephemeral nature of garden sprayers and leaky hose fittings.