The canvas drop cloth excels at numerous uses both at home and especially in the car.

Canvas Drop Cloths

Invaluable Workhorses

To Have Them is To Use Them

Of course the canvas drop cloth is helpful for painting and other home improvement projects. But this invaluable workhorse does so much more, offering a wealth of usefulness around the house and in the car.

Great Automotive Companions

Canvas drop cloths are invaluable automotive accessories. They are great for wrapping around potentially damaging or dirty cargo, to protect vehicle interiors. Storing one in the car means you always have it with you, which is especially handy when buying things like terra cotta flower pots and/or bags of compost. And they are great for impromptu picnics, functioning well as either a picnic blanket or table cloth. Similarly, they are great for nappers to use as pillows or, well, ground blankets. A drop cloth can be helpful to sit upon when changing a flat tire. Or which to rest all of your fine luggage upon while AAA changes a flat tire.

Keep One Around the House, Too

Drop cloths are great for protecting the kitchen table while working on craft, repair and maintenance projects. And they make good covers for plants in cold weather. They are helpful when sliding furniture around on hardwood floors too. In the spirit of always having one with you, consider keeping a drop cloth at home separate from those in your car or cars. If you live in a situation whereupon some other dweller in your residence might be away with the car, you will still have ready access to one.

Size it Up

My favorite drop cloth size is the 6-foot by 9-foot version. Be sure to pay attention to this important attribute. I once bought a 4-foot by 12-foot runner style drop cloth, because I had no idea they might come in such a size and just grabbed one at a hardware store. (This was many years ago, early in my home-ownership phase.) I still own and use that drop cloth, but the size and shape is not ideal for anything except painting a hallway. I graduated to the nine-by-twelve format and have not looked back. This is a good, useful size that folds into a small bundle for storage.

Invaluable Gifts

Although the canvas drop cloth perhaps lacks "wow" factor as a house-warming gift, they still make great general-purpose gifts. Just about anyone would soon appreciate their utility, especially when receiving one to store in their automobile. Meanwhile, I admit teens with new cars may come to appreciate them more slowly. But give a teen a drop cloth for their first car and I'll wager you they will become drop cloth carriers for life.