Tough. And terrific for organizing/transporting small invaluables.

Canvas Utility Bags

Invaluable Organization

Professional Quality Pouches

These professional-quality Klein-brand canvas utility bags are made of tough canvas, giving them the feel and durability of heavy blue jean denim. And they are sized well for organizing and transporting numerous useful articles, such as pens, pencils, phone charger, headphones (or "earbuds"), ear plugs, lens wipes, tissues, and business cards.

What I find very useful about these great bags is their portability among my other bags. I have two go-to backpacks that I swap between, depending on circumstances. And when I ride my Brompton folding bike I use yet another bag to carry my various books and such. The ability to swap my canvas utility bag holding my pens, business cards and earphones—instead of stashing duplicates of all these things in the pockets of these various backpacks—is absolutely invaluable.

Incidentally, these bags are tough. They are designed for carrying "pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, nut drivers, other tools and spare parts".

Invaluable Gift

Klein Tools canvas utility bags make great gifts for students. Also, consider giving them as gifts to anyone pursuing organization as a hobby. Incidentally, they make great gift wrapping for small books, like The Elements of Style.