Galvanized Watering Can

Galvanized watering cans are functional, long lasting, and great looking garden props.

Much Better than Plastic

The galvanized watering can is a great example of an item that is made with galvanized metal—instead of plastic—to fully satisfy invaluablist sensibilities. These tough tools last seemingly forever, and look better with age. Is your garden suffering the blight of a deteriorating plastic watering can? Is it dull and dingy, or maybe leaking with a broken handle? Consider an upgrade to one of these staples of the invaluablist garden.

I prefer the smaller 1.5 gallon and 2.0 gallon versions. Yes, these smaller cans need re-filling more often than the larger sizes, but smaller cans are more maneuverable, and not too heavy when full. The 1.5 gallon size also coincides with the measuring scoop that comes with popular liquid-feed fertilizers.

Advice: Consider removing the paper label before deploying a new galvanized watering can outdoors; after they sit in the sun the label glue hardens and removing an old, faded label can be a very tough chore.

Invaluable Gifts

Their robust utility makes galvanized watering cans terrific and invaluable gifts for any long-standing garder. Galvanized watering cans also make great gifts for mother's day and father's day. Of course they are also terrific house-warming gifts; especially for first-time home dwellers.