The Peugeot pepper mill features iconic design and enduring performance.

Peugeot Pepper Mill

Invaluable Seasoning

Care for ground pepper with that?

I gravitated to Peugeot pepper mills decades ago. As a cyclist, anything made by Peugeot is a curiosity to me. Using one today reminds me of riding Peugeot bikes of the 1980s and 1990s. Never comparable to other marques with respect to precision, Peugeot's always performed with their own hard-to-define, lovable character. And so it is with their pepper mills, even today.

Peugeot pepper mills operate with a little slack. Certainly, they won't be mistaken for something made by NASA or made in Switzerland. But a Peugeot pepper mill is always a warm, welcome guest at the table. The infinite grind adjustment alone means one can fine-tune one's pepper preference. Choose fine grind for flavor or course grind for texture. Or a little of both.

Effective and Built to Last

The Peugeot pepper mill features a case-hardened steel grinding mechanism. This mechanism operates in two-stages. First it cracks the pepper corns, then it grinds them. The grinding mechanism is fully adjustable, producing a range of textures, from coarse to powdery. The mill's wooden body is durable beechwood.

Invaluable Gifts

The Peugeot pepper mill makes a terrific gift for a wide selection of occasions. Consider them strongly for wedding gifts. Any chef would appreciate one of these mills. And young graduates just starting out would also profit from one of these fine French kitchen stalwarts.

Manufacturing Video

Video: Manufacturing Peugeot Pepper Mill grinding mechanisms (presented by Peugeot Saveurs).