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by Greg Kagay

radio alphabet pdf document
Study just five letters a day, and learn the radio alphabet in less than one week. (Click image to print.)

Radio Alphabet


  • Reduce mistakes when spelling and otherwise transmitting information by phone or radio.
  • Eliminates awkward "make it up as you go along" moments.

Learn to Spell the Alphabet

Do you know and speak the radio alphabet? Study just five letters a day and within one week your answer will be "yankee - echo - sierra".

Print our guide. (Then challenge your friends.)

An Invaluable Skill

The official International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet is helpful when communicating mailing addresses, credit card and email addresses by phone (or radio). Avoiding mistakes is always convenient, and can be critical (especially in emergencies).

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Alphabet

alpha - bravo - charlie - delta - echo

foxtrot - golf - hotel - india - juliett

kilo - lima - mike - november - oscar

papa - quebec - romeo - sierra - tango

uniform - victor - whiskey - x-ray - yankee


Radio Alphabet Image
Speaking the radio alphabet is often convenient and can be very important in emergencies.