Invaulable watch: Great styling, no battery, self-winding, water-proof to 200 metres.

Seiko Automatic Diver's Watch

A Very Interesting Timepiece

Self-Winding, Not Quartz

When all you desire is to know what time it is, any crummy battery-powered quartz watch bought at Walgreens is all you need, really. Meanwhile, who needs a multi-thousand-dollar self-winding miracle of engineering and manufacturing, when all you want to do is tell the time? The Seiko (SKX-series) Automatic Diver's Watch is an invaluable alternative that lands in between those two extremes.

This handsome, self-winding, waterproof-to-200 metres, watch is invaluable for just knocking around in your day, at the office, and even for evenings out. It has no battery. Rather, it features a self-winding automatic movement from Seiko. So it works like a fancy Swiss watch, without the luxury price. I especially like this watch for travel, when one cannot always be on guard of all of one's possessions. Potentially losing this watch compared to something much more dear is a small compromise when you consider how well its handsome looks stand tall in anything but the most formal circumstances.

Economical NATO-style ballistic nylon watch bands magnify the versatility of the Seiko Automatic Diver's Watch.

Dress It Up, Dress It Down

The Seiko Automatic Diver's Watch can be accessorized easily with NATO-style nylon watch bands. These bands are available in a WIDE variety of colors and patterns. The combination of its automatic self-winding movement and its versatility from a wide variety of band options make this watch an invaluable time keeping solution.

Switching bands (after removing the factory-installed band) is simple. If buying a NATO-style band or bands, I recommend strongly that you acquire a spring bar tool and extra spring bars to convert your watch for NATO-style bands. Once you do, one time, changing bands is easy from then on. (Advice: Remove the factory band and then reinstall the spring bars while holding the watch in a large cardboard box; that way, if you lose control of the spring bars, they should land in the box, and not somewere across the room, lost forever. Do not ask me how I know about this scenario)

Invaluable Gifts

The Seiko Automatic Diver's Watch, and a selection of NATO-style bands, is a great Christmas, birthday, and graduation gift consideration for both style- and tech-minded recipients.