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by Greg Kagay

Greg Kagay, Realtor®
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It's not child's play: valuing, negotiating, inspecting, re-negotiating.


Real Estate

Value > Write Offer > Negotiate > Purchase

Searching and finding attractive properties can be fun. Most people love this part of the real estate buying process. And it is easier than ever with modern technology. But real estate buying becomes very serious when the time comes to make an offer. Any buyer would be wise to review these three buying tenets:

  1. Don't Make Buying Mistake #1.
  2. Consider a Buyer's Representative
  3. Establish Your Budget with Loan Pre-Approval.
  4. Search With Me

Buying Requires Expertise

When the time arrives to make an offer on a property, the buyer needs to write and present a serious, attractive offer. And there is much more to writing an attractive offer than an attractive price. An experienced buyer representative can help a buyer craft a written offer that is not only acceptable to the buyer, but is most attractive to the seller as well. Then, if accepted, the property must usually be assessed for non-obvious quirks and problems. Only then can the negotiating process begin completion.

Representation by a real estate brokerage with experience and knowledge of local home designs and systems, as well as geological quirks of the Texas hill country, may save buyers enormous money and inconvenience. Wise buyers talk to a real estate professional early in the property-buying process. This consultation allows them to work as a team and stay one step ahead of property purchase problems and pitfalls.

Contact me to get started on your property search, to contact a selling agent, or with help obtaining loan pre-approval.