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by Greg Kagay

Greg Kagay, Realtor®
Limestone Gable
I offer a great (online) real estate search tool.

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I offer a great real estate search tool. Use it for for up-to-date access to multiple property listing data feeds. And receive daily email notices of new property offerings. (Yes, I need your email, but it is not why you think. See below.)

Multiple MLS Property Search

Real Time Property Updates

Our search page offers many popular benefits, including ongoing email updates as properties that match your criteria enter the market. And because it is an in-house product, I can work with you to help you get the most from it. Try it yourself at this link. Or, let me help you set up your search, or multiple searches. And as you learn about the market, I can help you refine your search criteria. Contact me and let's get started.

I do need a good email address from you to give you access to our search tool. I use your email address to manage your customer account and help you optimize your search criteria. Know that we do not sell email addresses to marketers, and to the extent possible, I shield my clients and customers from my broker's secondary email campaigns. Please contact me if you have any reservations about signing up; I think you will love our system. And for any parts you find confusing, I can help you master them.