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by Greg Kagay

Greg Kagay, Realtor®
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Comprehensive marketing and informed negotiation adds up to success.


Real Estate

Prepare > Market > Negotiate > Sell

Selling real property requires many skills, including those of marketing, negotiating, and transaction processing. Technology has made all of these functions easier, but to utilize the technology, both expertise and attention to detail are more important today than ever. Meanwhile, marketing now requires property presentation skills tailored to the technology available.

Marketing today still makes keen use of the multiple listing service (MLS), in concert with other technological platforms. Contemporary real estate marketing also includes online virtual property tours, so buyers can see properties in detail online before visiting them in person. And, for suitable properties, drone photography is very common today.

To maximize marketing exposure, real estate sellers today need agents with a complete technological selling toolbox. Furthermore, both pricing and negotiating experience continue to be important agent skills, to satisfy the buyer and seller without exposing the seller to risks after the transaction closes.

Value Your Property

A Complete Selling Toolbox

Real estate selling requires comprehensive marketing tools to present your property at its best to the broad, interested market. And it demands detail skills for strong negotiation on the seller's behalf. With my team, we offer a complete marketing, negotiating, and selling toolbox.